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The Ladies | Hen House Sign | Free SVG


Project Tips:

Spice up your hen house with a new sign! I love using my Cricut vinyl cutter to create stencils or you can simply place white permanent vinyl on the wood instead of using paint.

Supplies: (This post may contain affiliate links)

Quick tips and steps:

**If you need a full tutorial on how to use your Cricut or vinyl, I highly recommend Jennifer Maker on YouTube! I will not go into detail, just giving the quick tips and best practices I have learned.

  1. Prep your wood piece with paint or stain. I let it sit 24 hours before moving onto the next step.

  2. Cut vinyl using design space or your cutting program for your machine. I prefer to use 651 permanent outdoor vinyl by Oracal. This may cause some lifting or slight damage to your paint/stain. I just touch up those places after I peel the stencil. Make sure to follow step 1!

  3. Weed vinyl removing the words from the design so you have a stencil to paint over.

  4. Use some contact paper and place over the design to lift it from the vinyl backing. You may have to burnish in many places! Make sure to check your design as you peel to be sure to get all the dots on the I's!

  5. Carefully place the vinyl stencil on the wood and rub to make sure all edges are snug to the board.

  6. Now go ahead and start painting! Go easy and do two light coats until you are satisfied with the thickness.

  7. Immediately pull up the vinyl stencil. Careful not to touch the wet paint!

  8. I sometimes will take a fine paintbrush and touch up a few places with paint. If anything smudged, you can dip a clean brush in acetone to finesse any edges. Now let dry for 2 hours!

  9. I then will touch up any stain that was lifted during the stencil process.

  10. Let dry again for 4 hours or follow directions on the stain or paint you used before applying top coat. I prefer aerosol!

Post a pic of your completed project!


Keep scrolling for a free svg download for this project!


  • You MAY use these digital files to create products for personal use only.

  • You MAY NOT use these digital files to create products for sale.

  • You MAY NOT use these digital files to resell or share as a whole or part of another digital product offering OR upload to a POD (print on demand) website (like Zazzle, Cafe Press, Redbubble, ect...)

  • These digital offerings are hand drawn digitally or by hand with love by me. I retain copyright to all artwork.

If you need more file types of this design or would like to create handmade products to sell, you can purchase the commercial use file package from my Etsy shop! Let's make sure to support each other as creators. ❤️

Thank you for viewing and as always, reach out with any questions!

**This post may contain affiliate links




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