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Welcome to 3C Creative Design!

My name is Melissa Cunningham, and I’m the creative mastermind who is hard at work to help your business flourish or even just spark a little inspiration from one artist to another.   I have a unique knack of thinking outside the box while brainstorming to create a solution to any promotional need from clothing to print products.


My professional career has given me diverse experience in many aspects of business management which  includes digital marketing, media buying, marketing director, PR and sponsorships, product development and project management for

web design. 

Personally, I’m a very naturally creative person who enjoys bright colors, unique fonts, hand lettering and clean design.  When I’m not expressing myself creatively with design projects or watercolor journaling, you’ll most likely find me enjoying life outdoors with horses or photographing my next adventure. 


I also share ideas that have helped me grow a career as a digital marketer, designer and entrepreneur.  Pop on over to my blog or Pinterest, I often share free SVGs for craft projects!


Design is my creative outlet documenting all the wonderful experiences that we call life.  Let me help you document and inspire your life, commercially or personally. 

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