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Design Process

How much time do you have to commit to this project? This is a great question to ask yourself before diving into a brand identity. We will be working together on this new adventure step-by-step from idea, sketch, draft and final revisions. After all, this is a product of what you and your company represents.


I’ve put together a timeline for the basic branding identity option to give you an idea of your commitment. If we work together from the start, it will be a successful and smooth project and the results will be phenomenal.

Basic Branding Identity Package Timeline 

Week 1: It's going to be a busy week!

Day 1 - Client to submit inspiration examples

Day 2 - Client to complete branding questionnaire

Day 3 - Review Inspiration board

Day 4 - Client to submit any changes to inspiration board

Day 5 - Review color palate

Day 6 - Client to submit any changes to color palate

Week 2: Creativity is now launched!

Day 13 - Review first draft of two logo options

Week 3: Its starting to come together!

Day 15- Client submit feedback on top pick of first drafts

Day 17- Review draft of final logo selection

Day 18-Client to submit any final revisions

Week 4: Getting into the good stuff!

Day 22-Review Complete brand board with alternate logos and brand mark for review

Day 23 - Client to submit any final feedback on brand board

Day 25 - Review first draft of Level 1 Collateral item

Day 26 -Submit any revisions to Level 1 Collateral item

Day 27- Review final draft of Level 1 Collateral item

Week 5: Wrap up!

Day 29 - Submit any final changes to Collateral item
Day 30 -Phone call with final wrap up discussion

Day 31 - All files will be available for download once invoice is paid in full.

Once we have settled on a time frame for your project, I will send you a brief of the timeline with the correct dates so you can plug them into your calendar to stay on track!

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