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What is an OOAK Logo?

What is an OOAK logo and how does this affect my company? Technically, OOAK stands for “One of a kind.”  This should also be interpreted that any portion of the logo (excluding font) is not ever used by another company in any manor. No clip art sold on any stock website should be used in a logo, even if the extended version use is purchased. Read the fine print and be informed to ask the right questions before purchasing a pre-made logo or hiring a designer for branding services.


OOAK logos should be 100% crafted from scratch by the designer to reach something unique that has the ability to be trademarked by a business if they choose to do so. Even if you have no plans to copyright a logo, it should be unique to you! This likeness is what future customers are going to associate with your business. What if someone else starts using the exact same logo? This would lose your customer's trust and familiarity with your business identity. 

What we provide in our Branding Packages.

All of my logos are 100% custom made for you. I start the project with a comprehensive client questionnaire that gets the creativity flowing. On average, I may sketch out 50 ideas to reach 2-3 concept ideas to show a client. Once the project is complete and all files have been turned over, the rights are transferred from me as the designer to you as the client. Therefore, you will own the rights to your logo and any design assets included in our branding identity packages.  


However, note that you will not be receiving a layered or un-flattened files in your final package unless you have chosen a collateral item including a template (will be listed as such). Font files can not be transferred or included in any package. I will happily direct you to where you can purchase the font file for your own use outside of the flattened files.

It is only by association with a product, a service, a business, or a corporation that a logo takes on any real meaning. It derives its meaning and usefulness from the quality of that which it symbolizes.



— Paul Rand

What if an OOAK logo isn't in my budget?

There are times when a business may not want a OOAK logo and the cost that goes with it. That's ok! Just make sure you understand that your logo may not be able to be copyrighted. I may occasionally offer a small selection of pre-made logos, once they are sold the exact design will not be available for sale again. Just remember, these are generic simple logos meant for someone who wants a quick design. Parts of these logos that I have designed may be used in other future designs and are not exclusive to your brand. Check out the general design services page to see if any are available. 

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